Movie Night

Movie night is one of my favorite nights of the month. We get to turn in early and relax while we watch movies till we fall asleep. I found the marquee, in the featured image, in a teacher’s store as part of a bulletin board set. I laminated it so I can write what movie we will be watching that night, beforehand. I tried to look for at least five movies that relates to the holiday(s) in each month but there weren’t kids movies for every month. So for those months, I’ll just let my daughter pick any set of movies she wants.

To make the night a bit more fun, I’ve included movie tickets, a concession stand and snack trays. (The movie tickets and concession stand pictures will be posted later.) Since we do movie night on a Friday night (more time to stay up), I’ve also included play money to “buy” the ticket and snacks. I get to sneak in math time before we start watching movies. I’m working on creating movie related tickets so I can lay them out and have my daughter choose which movie(s) she’d like to watch. I’m also working on creating a better concession stand. The snack trays were a success though. I bought the “snack trays” or caddies from a party website. I ended up with six caddies, all different colors of the rainbow, in one set and they were the perfect size.

Here’s what I wrote in a list for the snack trays:

  • popcorn w/ popcorn boxes
  • mini cookies (any)
  • mini pretzels
  • min crackers
  • small chips bags
  • mini candy
  • mini chocolate
  • juice boxes
  • water bottles
  • soda bottles or cans

Snack Trays:


(more info and pictures coming soon)

Enjoy Movie Night!


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