St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Night

Just me and my daughter for this month’s dessert night. This time, I baked only vanilla flavored cupcakes. After we started decorating, I realized I should’ve done green cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, again I forgot (facepalm). I made note of this for next year. For sprinkles, I brought out green and yellow sugar sprinkles, gold coins and shamrocks/clover candy, gold sixlets and lucky charms marshmallows. I’m including rainbowish cereal  next year. And of course, this time I brought out green, yellow and black frosting. Same as last’s months, we each had our little plate to decorate our cupcakes one at a time. Then transferred them to a bigger plate, this time the same one for both.

For this month’s, I also did the sprinkle surprise where the middle of the cupcake is cut out with a cookie cutter, but not all the way in, coat the inside with frosting and fill with sprinkles all the way to the top and cover the whole top of the cupcake with frosting, then decorate. Of course we used the gold coin candy for some. I used yellow sugar sprinkles for one and shamrock/clover candy for another one. One other thing I used were the little black pots/cauldrons that’s usually for halloween. I stuffed a cupcake in two that was high enough and covered it with frosting. I then used the sixlets as gold coins while my daughter used the yellow sprinkles. To eat it, we used a fork. I wouldn’t use the sprinkle surprise for these.

Our Finished Cupcakes…




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