Valentine’s Day Dessert Night

My mom and sis came over for this month’s dessert night. We had so much fun with this one, especially eating our final products. Here’s what we did for dessert night.

I baked red and pink cupcakes, regular size and mini. I brought out red, white and pink heart shaped sprinkles, red, pink, purple and gold sugar sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, conversation hearts candy and red heart shaped lollipops (took out stick for some). Let’s not forget the frosting (vanilla and chocolate). Next year, I’ll use red and pink frosting and bake chocolate cupcakes as well. So each of us had a small plate where we decorate our cupcakes one by one. Then we add them to a bigger plate where we put all our finished products.

There’s this little trick I learned at an art store cupcake class. I know it’s been out for a while but I didn’t pay attention to it till I tried it. I took a really small heart shaped cookie cutter and insert it in the middle of a normal sized cupcake, not all the way, we need the bottom part of the cupcake to be sturdy. With a special tool I bought, at the same art store, I coated the inside with frosting, not too much, not too little. Then I added whichever sprinkles, all the way to the top. After that, I covered the whole top of the cupcake with frosting. I finished decorating the top and made others. When my daughter took a bite, she was excited to find a sprinkle surprise. Note: bite over plate.

Our Finished Cupcakes…


The top middle are mine, the bottom middle are my daughter’s, the right side are my sister’s and the left side are my mom’s. I had tons of fun with them. We teased, we laughed, we learned and most importantly we bonded.



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