Karaoke Night

My daughter loves to sing. She’s constantly searching youtube songs to sing to. I decided to create a stage for her, simple of course. I had to do a little spending but it’s worth seeing my little girl have fun. I made a list of things we’ll need to make it a fun night.

1. Room set up:

  • stage area
  • audience seating

2. Lights: (pick one or all, your choice

  • string lights
  • disco lights

3. Karaoke accessories:

  • karaoke machine & microphones
  • karaoke songs with lyrics

4. Dress up accessories:

  • sunglasses
  • feather boas
  • bead necklaces
  • tutus
  • cool hair accessories

5. Snacks & Drinks

  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • chips
  • water (very important)
  • soda
  • juice

6. Karaoke Songs (from movies):

  • get back up again-trolls
  • true colors-trolls
  • set it all free-sing
  • hallelujah-sing
  • try everything-zootopia
  • once upon a time-anastasia
  • let me be your wings-thumbelina
  • free-barbie (princess and the pauper)
  • a girl like you (princess and the pauper)
  • let it go-frozen
  • other disney songs

I know my daughter will enjoy this. You can modify the dress up accessories and songs if you have a son who is willing to participate. Enjoy!


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