Family Night Fun-Adventures at Home

It’s winter and besides school and other important stuff we pretty much stay at home. Every day after school, monday to thrusday, we do homework, eat dinner, do chores, have about 3o minutes of free time and then we get ready for bed. Same routine every day. Once friday comes around we do a little after school studying. At first we didn’t have much else to do but visit grandparents. I have caught my daughter on a tablet while there a couple times. I said to myself, I gotta  find better ways to spend our time. So once again I searched the internet and made a list of fun things I’ll be doing while it’s cold out.


Fun things to do at home:

  • art night*
  • dessert night*
  • movie night*
  • fondue night
  • story night*
  • game night
  • karaoke night
  • write night
  • dance night
  • camp in
  • memory/show & tell night


I leave the more fun and somewhat time consuming on fridays and saturdays and left the less time consuming on sundays because we’ll use half the time to prepare for the next day back to school. Now, every month from September to March, it’s cold out in NYC so I decided to do these activities during the weekends instead of going out. I’m planning on continuing art night, dessert night, movie night and story night throughout the entire year each month. What I started doing on each of those nights I just mentioned is monthly themed stuff. So for February, I did Valentine’s day themed art night, dessert night, movie night and story night. I’ll be posting details of each fun night to help out in the process along with a few other ideas.


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