Dance Night

Dance night was really fun for me, my husband and my daughter. I searched the internet for fun family night dance parties at home but mostly I found dance birthday parties. Too much going on there for a fun night at home. So I gathered a few ideas here and there and created a list of things we can use, make or buy (if you don’t already have in hand) for a fun dance party at home.

1. Party Lights (pick one or all, your choice):

  • rainbow globe/disco lights
  • strobe light
  • laser lights

2. Dance Accessories (to make things more fun):

  • balloons
  • hula hoop
  • ribbon/streamer wands
  • dancing ribbon rings

3. Dress up Accessories:

  • neon tutus
  • neon mesh fingerless gloves
  • neon legwarmers
  • beads

4. Glow in the Dark Accessories:

  • headbands
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • glasses
  • earrings

5. Party Food & Drinks:

  • pizza bites
  • mini hot dogs
  • cheeseburger sliders
  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • chips
  • water (very important)
  • soda
  • juice

6. Dance songs (the most important):

  • can’t stop the feeling-trolls movie
  • dancing in the dark-home movie
  • shake it off-sing movie
  • i’m in love with a monster-transylvania 2
  • zing song-transylvania 2
  • dynamite-taio cruz
  • party in the usa-miley cyrus
  • we like to party-vengaboys
  • fireworks-katy perry
  • alone-marshmallow

All in all it was a sweet success. My daughter had extra fun and fell asleep almost immediately after turning the music off.


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