Family Day Fun-Adventures in your Area

My daughter and I began our adventures the summer she was two years old. My dad had tried to encourage me to take her to places before that. Honestly, I felt she was too little to go anywhere to really enjoy it. I also didn’t know too many places where infants can enjoy themselves except daycares (not for us thank you). So we stayed at home where she played with her first christmas and birthday gifts she had gotten a few months back. But the summer she was two we began our adventures. Prior to that I had searched the internet for family places our city had. I made a list and categorized the places and then I started with the toddler friendly ones and then the child friendly ones (I starred those). Here’s my list:

Places to Visit in your area:

  • museums
  • historical landmarks
  • parks
  • beaches/pools
  • gardens/produce farms
  • zoos/aquariums/animal farms
  • water rides/air rides/land rides
  • shows/concerts
  • parades/festivals
  • shopping spots
  • sports spots
  • theme parks/indoor fun zones

These are the categories. I made a list under each category and was surprised to find so many places to visit. Till this day I still add new museums just added to the city. I know not everyone lives in a city where all of these are available in the same borough but I’m sure you’ll find most in your area or near your area. Happy adventuring!

(Be sure to check out free days/pay what you like days/discounts etc. I know some places and events can be a little pricey)


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