As early as I can remember I never wanted to be a mother. When all the kids were playing house (mom, dad, son, daughter, baby), I was playing teacher. My lifelong dream was to become a teacher and travel the world. I didn’t have plans for children nor marriage. But I got married, perhaps for the wrong reasons, and along the way I got pregnant. Just when I decided to take the steps to change my life around, I felt sick and thought I had some kind of poisoning or something. I went to the hospital with fear that I might have harmed myself with something. I told the doc that I felt nauseous and I might have accidentally inhaled something bad. He checked me out and pressed my belly. He told me it felt hard so he sent me to the obgyn at the same hospital that same day. I was wheeled into a small room. After a few minutes, there it was…a heartbeat. My first emotions were happiness, excitement, surprise and amazement. From the second I heard and saw my daughter’s heartbeat I fell in love. I’m proud to say that I felt no negative emotions despite the fact that I didn’t want to be a mom before that day. So my life changed, it turned around, not the way I planned but it was even better.


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